The Road Not Taken(2nd version)…

The Road Not Taken…

Remote from the world being abided am

I with my bod no one the hither

Planning to choose from either roads but bam,

Both are intriguing, I’m in rigor.

Trod for a mile after swept from a hill

Setting myself to back but now it’s killed

‘Cause I’m all bogged my fate is to shrug

I am posed to pick a path from two scrub.

Let’s sit here, to moot all ones who can dare

And who journey in what path have a care

So that I can console my soul being mazed

To sail through the route to turn me be lazed.

The two roads being odd, the first one’s ampler

Cropped with weeds, forges sealed with a moor,

While the last one readable hyaloids

Winsome seductive glossy spick-and-span.

Three more  days I hold off posing this core

Tried to pass judgement like Mr. Wordsworth

But none of my hearts, fended this valour

Thinking and thinking passed some time unworth.




All the callous side of my lonely heart

And all those passed through my friendly shaped mind

Abased  sometimes but passed me like all that

And I’m with sure heart that you can bind.


Abjured although in some cases of mine 

Assured my failures with some give up cry

Aimed all the ages to come back my shine

And that made special to you till die.

All and sundry will once gather each you

Allay to their fear to see’em as new

And wait till there and till I pass my way

Allegedly I can’t say,I’ve few.

Alight now yourself from all joys to back

Allot yourself to everyone and that

Amble your speed and keep up your lean on

Amuse yourself to peace, enjoying the dawn.

At one time, you will be praised

Awkward smile of yours one will be amazed

Awarded you’ll be then of  each taste

And till then sigh your hours to add new sage.


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The theme of life seems like it is a poem,

Scented by all schemes that take it to lilt,

More beautiful than a girl being in shame

When read at dabble to say how we built.


The mind at an eerie educe its lines

To mould the soft day being fresh since its birth

To give us the role to perform the life’s

Hours trapped by long life objects on earth.


The lone wolf of path or a lone loner

Being sent to the Earth act as mores

And the life frame an actor who natter

Himself along, and that form the basis.


That is diffuse the story till finis

Inscribe the medley filled in didactic

Seems like a ballad bloated with all bliss

But nowhere published nor sang abiotic.


Conquered by the devices fixed by heart

Paved by crevices the allow its light

To pander its peach to merit a pat

To claim as our gun point till the last.


The every pause we play to complete it

To steer our life’s track beyond our finish

To show our poem some fair lone to intent

Quench the keen of soul to see a sunrise.


Thus, the life is is a ageless prosody

That will never nigh eleventh hour

Neither time can ruin, nor can drop steady

Till eschaton confront its doom hour.

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The cunning lie whom the world shows hunger

The spoof of a renowned soul name plunger

At the least the adapt from each bod

To outlast till the croak, till the last blood.


Not a fiber, nor a version of one

Solely the office of a mortal

The regard that the merit from all one

When viewed in modern ,it’s a way to girl.


The open class word to trace the glories

The only abstract to utter each sense

To evince to our honey all heart strings

To rise the cost of gifted every pence.


The benefactor of indegent’s desire

To serve the bests tweaked as from heaven

To lull the dragons of worry and fear

To trust this life even into yen.


The basic way, the world’s outlasted

Since numberless lifetime less unbloody

But now it has turned a forge, being in shade

Switched its fair face busted in prosody.


Like a scenic scene ,a source of bask

Just like a fille , a gayley root of fun

When evoked with some of the awing tasks

Earn the clear meant of life to feel us won.


No in this life is graved without love

Can even hapless or bored  with a poor

The supreme being at heaven almighty

Dole out his every love to each one’s door.


The nature has devised such a nice pill

To be taken each time to last on earth

To pretend ourselves a big ticket bill

And show our gist was not a lie but worth.





My stiller smiley face search all the necks

To let me out of immure of the vex

As i wish to bide my nub on her chuck

I can breath so that all the love, its lex.



Long when I frown when a sea can’t I found

To impel my life being bored from old sound

’cause I lift a pant to my dreams in dent

Since long I’m hiking not found still my hold.



I gauge am still half the path of my will

Being secret under woodlot say my jill

Im’pawnd me O’ lord, fill me with valor

Till I fit my soul to a devil.



Lebeled by me , a agile that I

Plight to bear my soulmate all that can I

Disperse my love so I am keenig to

To partake my love to my role in sly.